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A great key is to establish an unshakeable connection with the guru. It is to nourish this connection to keep the flame lit. This was my path, that way I got realized. I connected myself with the guru through diksha (spiritual initiation). He gave me a mantra and during three years of purification I still forgot him and the marriage was still shaken by the samskaras - imprints from the past - that I brought in the form of vanity, selfishness and in the form of a series of wrong ideas about who I was; that made me forget Him until the moment when the connection was established permanently. My Guru and I became one, there were no more differences, the marriage became eternal; only one mind, one heart. Then I could remember that I am not a body, a name, I am not a story… I am eternal and I am here for compassion to help remembering this truth: you and I are one and in the deepest, you are pure bliss, light and love. If you believe that you are anything else that is not light and love, you are mistaken, you are identified with some thought.

So, cultivate that connection, dedicate yourself to your sadhana so that the field is created and prepared for the Guru´s grace act through you. This is what you can do: practice your sadhana, read sacred texts. This will help maintain awaken the divine memory so that you can put into practice the spiritual teachings that you have received. Sometimes teachings are transmitted in a very direct way, but not always you can bring them to your practical life because you get lost. And, in a day like today when you are excited about giving me a present I tell you that the best present you can give me is to practice these teachings in your life. This is the best gift. The best gift you can give me is to be happy, is to celebrate life, to commit yourself truthfully with joy, love and doing good…

I know that to have a commitment with good you have to be brave enough to face the evil inside of you and transform it; to be brave enough to identify your mistakes and your identification with your mental creations so that you are able to let them go.
Yesterday we were here and some people were sharing their experiences. One of them said: “I´ve realized I am a victim of myself”. Did you realize that? Great! What about now? Let it go now!

You should honestly ask yourself: Is that what I am? If I let go of this victim, will there be nothing left? When you ask yourself truthfully, you are already on the command of your personality. Your observer is present and is taking care of it. In this case the victim is only a small piece of your personality, a defense mechanism that you have created to defend yourself. This is not you; it is not your final reality.

This connection with the guru will, in the first moment, undo your false identity. The closer you get to the guru, the more you feel this fear of annihilation. If you are still identified with your mask it will be dissolved up to the moment when the truth of who you are starts manifesting itself. And the truth is that you and the guru are one. You are love, light, prosperity, health, happiness.
Happiness is the main signal that God is manifesting. What is the thing in the world that human beings most deeply want? To feel joy; and to feel joy you have to feel peace inside. This peace comes from God. God is the one who provides happiness and joy.
In a certain moment in the evolution journey happiness comes when you realize one or another thing; when you get something from outside. However, on further stages of the consciousness evolution what everybody expects is causeless joy; to be happy just because you are happy, because you breathe, because you are here, because you love… to be happy not because you need to be happy.

This is God answering your prayers.
So keep this teaching in your heart. Do not spend one day of your life without asking consciously for this connection with the divine; do not go not even for one night to your bed without praying to God to answer your prayers in the form of happiness in your heart. Never go to bed without Him. He must be your main lover. He should answer your prayers. God answers your prayers in the form of happiness.

The guru is an oasis in the desert. It is almost like a shooting star that passes very quickly.
How lucky you are! I know that it is great luck because I consider myself very lucky since I have met my guru again, since He found me. In the moments when I become more earthy and I become more individualized in the body I think “how lucky I am, how lucky!” Lucky for having listened the call since saints are constantly calling. All the time they are praying “prabhu aap jago, paramatma jago, mere sarve jago, sarvatra jago”. God awake! Which God? The one that is inside of you. Wake up! The God of love, love that is inside of you. May you wake up love. Wake up, wake up, wake up! Be free from this dream that you are miserable, a needy one that has nothing to give to nobody. You are love itself. You are the source of life. Wake up! God wake up everywhere.
Saints are making this prayer constantly. In a certain moment you get mature enough so that you are able to hear the call. Get up, go to the wise men and receive from them their holy teachings that will make you awaken. This is the call. I was lucky to hear that call and I received the grace. And I see that you also had the same luck to be here receiving the grace that will provide you with the dispelling of the shadows that bring forgetfulness, because if there is an evil thing in this world I would call it forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that you are a manifestation of the divine love and light. I do not get tired of speaking the same thing again and again. You are light, you are love.
The essence of my Sankalpa (promise) is to transform the play of suffering into the play of bliss. This is the essence of my play: the end of the play of suffering. That only happens when you remember your true nature and that God and you are one only. Then grace showers on your heart and you are taken by bliss and there is no more space for suffering.
So, my beloved friends, I am very happy that you were able to hear the prayers from the saints, the chanting that flows from my heart and that you were able to come here on this Gurupurnima. May you never lose the possibility of making pranam to a guru, or making a puja. Never forget that, until you are ready to make a puja every day and remember the guru every day.
Blessed be each one of you. May all beings, from all realms be happy, may existence provide them with all their needs. May all realize God.
See you in our next meeting.

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